at home date night ideas redemption square apartments

At-Home Date Night Ideas At Your Redemption Square Apartment

Create your own spa

Everyone could use a spa day to wind down, but not everyone wants to spend the money – we hear you! Instead, opt for a spa day (or night) in with your partner full of face masks, massages, and body scrubs. Bonus points for including a bubble bath!


Prepare your favorite meal together

There’s next to nothing as satisfying as enjoying your favorite meal with your favorite person, and crafting it together is half the fun! Head to the nearest grocery store and pick up the necessary ingredients for your favorite at-home meal, or recreate one from your favorite restaurant, and enjoy this fun, delicious, and affordable night in. 


Cocktail night

Just because you aren’t heading out to a cocktail bar doesn’t mean you...

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winter recipes

Winter Recipes For Your West Lake Houston Apartment

Instant Pot Tortilla Soup

There’s almost nothing more comforting in the winter months than the perfect bowl of soup, and that’s exactly what this recipe is! For those who don’t have an Instant Pot or pressure...

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redemption square apartment person using laptop

Making The Most of Quiet Hours At Your Redemption Square Apartment

Remote positions are taking over the workforce, and we are HERE for it! Find a new way to maximize your productivity at your Redemption Square apartments by incorporating quiet hours into your daily regime – we...

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tx apartment how to keep your home smelling amazing

How To Keep Your Humble, TX Apartment Smelling Amazing

Candles, candles, candles!

This may seem a little on the nose, but for good reason! Even unlit, opened candles help with creating a refreshing aroma in any room you’re looking to improve the scent game in. For...

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family at tree farm

Unique Holiday Traditions to Incorporate at Your Apartment Near Humble

Hidden pickle

No matter if you opt for a real pickle, or choose the safer option of a pickle ornament, this is a super fun tradition that the whole family will love! No matter the holiday you celebrate, choose a...

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porch package delivery

Avoid Porch Grinches at Your Redemption Square Apartments

It’s no secret that the most porch package thefts occur during the holiday season, as online shopping and ordering has become the new norm for gift shopping! Avoid getting your holiday thunder stolen by a porch...

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fall clothes hanging in small closet

Tips for Maximizing Closet Space In Your West Lake Houston Apartment

Tired of feeling like your closet can’t function the way you need? We’ve created some helpful tips and recommendations to help maximize your closet space, both in your closet and around your bedroom in your West...

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assorted cooked fall foods

Fall Recipes for Your Apartment Near Humble

With the leaves turning and the cool, crisp air arriving, it’s time to get started on your fall recipes (if you haven’t, already)! Whether you plan on entertaining or enjoying a quiet evening in your apartment...

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friends enjoying pizza together laughing redemption square apartments

How To Save Money Dining Out Near Your Redemption Square Apartments

Saving money doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the things you love, including going out to eat! We’ve curated a list of a few ways to meet in the middle when it comes to saving money while eating out near our...

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spooky ghosts in greenhouse apartments in northeast houtson

Upcoming Halloween Events Near Your Apartment in Northeast Houston

You may have heard people say, “No one does Halloween like Texas!” Well, they’re right, and we’ve got a list of recommendations for the whole family this spooky season! Take a look at some spooky events...

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