Avoid Porch Grinches at Your Redemption Square Apartments

porch package delivery

It’s no secret that the most porch package thefts occur during the holiday season, as online shopping and ordering has become the new norm for gift shopping! Avoid getting your holiday thunder stolen by a porch Grinch this season with these easy tips.

Require a signature

Requiring a signature for your packages can be one of the easiest ways to control your porch pirate (or porch Grinch, for holidays’ sake) problem, or to avoid it before you ever have a problem to begin with! FedEx, UPS, and USPS all give you the option with your tracking information to require a signature on your purchase, no matter if it’s a $10 delivery, or $1000.

Install a doorbell camera

Most porch Grinches will try to avoid the spotlight of a camera, for obvious reasons. That’s why installing a doorbell camera like a Ring, or one that comes with a security system, is a fabulous deterrent for package thefts. This way, you know exactly when a package is delivered, and many services even have deterring options for when a package is left at your door, playing a loud tone or noise to bring attention to any movement noticed near your package.

Know the delivery time

Many delivery services like Amazon can typically offer a 2-3 hour delivery window for any and all of your packages, so you can make a plan to be home, have someone at your home, or even to just be aware. That way, you know what to expect to see on your front porch when you return home, or can ensure you or a loved one will be home during the allotted time to receive the package immediately. 

Deliver to your work

We know not all schedules are flexible enough to drop everything and wait for your package to be delivered, which is why delivering your packages to your work is another great option for avoiding porch Grinches this holiday season! This way, you don’t have to sit and think about the packages sitting on your front porch until you get home, and can even help avoid any damage from the elements as well. 

Hidden package location

The majority of package thefts occur when the package in question can be easily viewed from the street, stairwell, or other common areas surrounding the home. This is why it’s a good idea to have something on your porch that could easily cover your packages from a common view. Objects like standing porch signs, large flower pots, etc. can all be used to shield your packages from a distance, and will do a number on preventing porch Grinches! Most delivery services even include a special delivery option where you can include instructions such as, “Leave behind flower pot” to ensure the memo isn’t missed by delivery drivers.


We hope that incorporating a few of these tips into your routines will ensure you have a 100% delivery and receiving rate, so your focus will only be on what matters – your holiday season!


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