Making The Most of Quiet Hours At Your Redemption Square Apartment

redemption square apartment person using laptop

Remote positions are taking over the workforce, and we are HERE for it! Find a new way to maximize your productivity at your Redemption Square apartments by incorporating quiet hours into your daily regime – we promise you won’t regret it.


Plan breaks in between calls

Rather than scheduling 4 hours worth of meetings back to back, give yourself time in between each call to reflect on what was discussed, and set up a plan for any work that comes to follow. You may think you won’t have any trouble remembering all that was discussed in your morning meeting, but by 2:00 and 5 calls later, you’d be surprised at how much information gets pushed to the back burner of your brain without realizing it.


Leave the noise behind

This may sound over-the-top, but countless studies have shown that our minds are far more productive without distracting sounds, even if it’s just background noise. Spend at least a few hours working each day with the TV off (your favorite show will still be there later), turn off the music, and set your phone to do not disturb – you’d be surprised at how these seemingly nothing distractions can eat away at your daily productivity.


Designate specific quiet hours

Whether you prefer to begin, end, or spend time in the middle of your day taking advantage of your quiet hours, having a set schedule for this time is a great way to implement this process into your routine, and increase your productivity even further. This way, you know when you have time to reach out to others, get in touch, ask questions, etc. to be prepared for your quiet hours, that way they are truly uninterrupted. 


Know what tasks work during quiet hours

Following up on our last tip, it’s important to know that during this time, you’re working on tasks that can actually be completed solo and uninterrupted. If you schedule yourself an hour, but have a task or project that requires feedback or team work, your quiet hour(s) will not be as effective as they could be if you were working on something that would allow full solitary, uninterrupted work during that time frame.


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