How To Save Money Dining Out Near Your Redemption Square Apartments

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Saving money doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the things you love, including going out to eat! We’ve curated a list of a few ways to meet in the middle when it comes to saving money while eating out near our Redemption Square Apartments


Order the large portion

This may seem like a way to spend more money, but hang in there! If the difference between a lunch or half portion of a meal is only a few bucks cheaper than the larger size, opt for the bigger meal, and save half of it! That way, you have a whole other meal for the next day’s lunch or dinner that’s basically free – and you only have to tip for it once!


Stick with water

Even though sometimes a soda or tea sounds great with your meal, it can cost you $3-$4 more per person – and that’s only if they offer free refills! Opt for water at the restaurant, and enjoy your soda, tea, or alcoholic beverage at home for a fraction of the cost. After all, everything tastes better when it costs less!


Ditch the appetizers – or make them a meal

Odds are, your meal is going to fill you up plenty when you go out to eat. Save yourself some money and some room for your entree at the same time, and skip the appetizers that can cost just as much as a second entree. Or, if an appetizer just looks too good to pass up, consider ordering it as your meal! Most restaurants have an option to turn any appetizer into a meal, and it will still cost less than a traditional entree with sides. Work smarter, not harder!


Order to-go

Because we all know how important it is to tip our servers and other food service workers, a great way to compromise on tipping well and saving money is to order your food to-go! Rather than paying for your food and drinks and adding on a 20%+ gratuity, opting for to-go can allow you to enjoy the same meal while only needing to tip 10-15%, as to-go workers typically make higher hourly wages and don’t need to rely on larger tips the way that restaurant servers do. Those extra few bucks can stay in your pocket, or can even be used to add an extra drink, appetizer, or dessert to your meal – all without spending more than you would otherwise!


Happy Hours

There’s a reason happy hours are always packed! Half priced drinks, appetizers, meals, and other specials are a great way to save money without sacrificing your favorite drinks and meals at your go-to restaurants! When looking out for a new restaurant to eat at, be sure to pay attention to their happy hour days and hours, and plan ahead to save some dough!


That concludes our list of ways to save money when dining out near our Redemption Square apartments!

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