Unique Holiday Traditions to Incorporate at Your Apartment Near Humble

family at tree farm

Hidden pickle

No matter if you opt for a real pickle, or choose the safer option of a pickle ornament, this is a super fun tradition that the whole family will love! No matter the holiday you celebrate, choose a gift-opening day to hide the pickle in the tree (if you have one), or somewhere sneaky around your home. The first person to find the pickle gets to open an extra, small present (gift cards, money, or any small gift that could appeal to all of the players!) to open after their discovery.

Follow a different country

Each year, research a different country’s traditions for any winter holiday of your choice, and recreate it with friends and family! This way, you can see for yourself and appreciate the way that different cultures celebrate the same (or different!) holidays as you. Who knows, you may even find one you like more than your traditional celebration, and incorporate it into your regular rotation.

Secret Santa gift packages

If you’re looking for a tradition that allows you to give back, this is a great one to incorporate into your holiday season! Choose someone you know who is in need, or has maybe gone through a tough time recently, and create a gift package for them. This can be as generic or personalized as you choose, as we’ve all heard the saying “It’s the thought that counts.” You can even take this tradition one step further, and create multiple gift packages to donate to a local shelter or organization, or keep them in your car to give to the homeless. 

Visit a tree farm

Even if you don’t plan on getting a real tree for your home, visiting a tree farm with friends and family is a great way to embrace any holiday season! By grazing up and down the endless aisles of trees in the cool winter air, it’s hard not to find yourself in the holiday spirit. Bonus: if you want to incorporate some live decor into your holiday rotation without getting the whole tree, collect fallen branches and needles to bring home and make a craft, or even scatter around your home. Believe us when we say it will even make your home smell holiday ready.

Ditch traditional holiday foods

While keeping some traditions around can be a fun way to embrace your holiday celebrations, it’s important to create your OWN holiday traditions as well, and food is a great way to do this! Rather than eating all of the same foods and desserts each year, create a new theme to enjoy each year with friends and family! Of course, if there are any staples you simply can’t imagine the holidays without, definitely keep them in the rotation!


No matter how you choose to celebrate your holiday this year, we hope you can include one of these fun traditions with your loved ones this year! What’s your favorite holiday tradition to participate in with friends, family, or solo? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.


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