Top Tips For Better Sleep At Our Apartments in Northeast Houston

Are you one of the 35% of adults struggling to get enough sleep every night? These tips can help you sleep better at our apartments in Northeast Houston.

The amount of quality sleep we get each night can make a big difference to almost every aspect of our lives. Not getting enough rest can easily take a toll, not only making you feel tired, but also compromising your body’s natural ability to heal and process thoughts, feelings, and memories in a healthy way. And studies show that at least 35% of adults aren’t getting enough sleep each night. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to improve your sleep while living in our apartments in Northeast Houston! These four tips can get you on the right track.

Build Sustainable Routines

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it’s very important. Being as consistent as possible about when you sleep, wake, and wind down for the night can make all the difference. Your body works best when it has a consistent routine, so waking up at a consistent time and setting a typical bedtime (one that allows you at least 8 hours of sleep) is the single best way to ensure that you sleep well and feel rested when you wake. This, of course, requires good time management as well to make sure you aren’t in a position where you have to stay up late to finish work or chores.

Take Time to Wind Down

Similarly, having a wind-down routine can be a great way to signal to your body that it’s bedtime and help you get to sleep faster. Give yourself 30 minutes or more to do something relaxing before bed, whether that’s drinking herbal tea, journaling to clear your mind, or listening to a fun podcast. You could even do some simple vinyasas in your bedroom or our yoga yard if the weather is right. And of course, brush your teeth, wash your face, take out your contacts, and all that good stuff. Maybe even take a relaxing soak in the tub (or a rinse in the shower, depending on your apartment). Your body will thank you.

Curate Your Environment

Although there are those who can easily fall asleep anywhere (and we’re jealous of them!), for most of us, having a peaceful space to rest is a must! Luckily our apartments in Northeast Houston are cozy, comfy, and climate-controlled. Give yourself the gift of a good place to sleep by keeping your bedroom clean and comfy. Fluff your pillows, make your bed, maybe get an essential oil diffuser going, if that’s your thing! If noisy distractions sometimes keep you from sleeping, invest in a white noise machine (they’re inexpensive and easy to find online). Take control of your environment and make your Redemption Square apartments the comfiest they can be.

Beyond that, did you know temperature can make a big difference to your sleep? The human body sleeps most comfortably at between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, so try turning the temperature down a bit at night, especially when the weather is hot! A cold room and cozy blanket can be the perfect combo for better sleep.

Have Healthy Eating & Drinking Habits

You might be surprised by how much food and drink can influence your sleep cycle. The human body isn’t great at getting to sleep when it’s hungry or when it’s very full—besides feeling uncomfortable, it also affects the chemicals your body produces and those chemicals can interfere with your Circadian rhythm. In general, avoid eating right before bed, and avoid large meals within about 3 hours of bedtime.

If you drink, it’s important to be aware that alcohol can also be a culprit of poor sleep. Even though alcohol is a depressant and can make you feel sleepy, sleeping after drinking alcohol can result in poor sleep quality and irregular sleep patterns. It’s best to avoid excess drinking, especially right before bed, if you’re hoping to get a restful night’s sleep.

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