Summer Grilling Tips at Your West Lake Houston Apartments

west lake houston apartments person grilling meat on charcoal grill flames

Take a look at these 5 tips for how to maximize your grilling experience this summer, both for safety and flavor!


Always Start With a Clean Grill

Whether you clean your grill as soon as you’re done, or before starting your next meal, doesn’t matter. As long as the grill is getting cleaned, you’re good! Without cleaning the grill thoroughly between meals, leftover flavor, residue, and seasoning will be left on the grill. This can tamper with your meat, veggies, or any other grilled food. 


Keep a Spray Bottle Nearby

Juices, seasonings, and marinade can drip down into the fire and cause some flames to come above the grate and onto your food. While it’s not always an unsafe flame that can pop up, it can potentially char your food past the point of perfection, and into the territory of just plain burnt. Use a spray bottle of water to fight those rogue flames and keep your food from burning. 


Buy a Meat Thermometer

Just like no one likes their meat to be undercooked, you don’t want to overcook it either. Getting a meat thermometer and following the guidelines for each type of meat you cook is the best way to ensure your food is at its safest and tastiest this summer. Be sure to wipe down and clean your meat thermometer after each use to prevent the spread of salmonella and cross contamination. 


Rest the Meat

As tempting as it can be, don’t dive into your plate as soon as the food comes off the grill! Letting your meat rest for 5-10 minutes after cooking allows for everything to set and soak in. This maximizes the flavor of both the meat and the marinade. Additionally, it allows the meat to cool off and not overwhelm your senses. That way all you and your guests will be focused on is the masterpiece you have created!


Keep Em Separated

Separate your meats! For flavor and safety, be sure to keep different types of meat separated from each other. This means when marinating, on the grill, and after being taken off. In terms of safety, this ensures that there will be no cross contamination directly onto your meat. Additionally, this reduces any risk of salmonella or food poisoning. For flavor reasons, it ensures that different meats and marinades will not be mixing together. That way, your flavor experience will remain at its peak.


We hope you are looking forward to a summer full of grilling fun at one of our West Lake Houston apartments, and using these simple, but effective tips! 


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