West Lake Houston Apartments Summer Activities

255 assay apartments summer activities

Summer is here in full swing, and so is the heat! Aside from our solar shades and remote controlled ceiling fans, we wanted to give you a few activities right here at our West Lake Houston Apartments for you to enjoy this summer, regardless of the temperatures!


Resident Room Activities

Who cares about the temperatures outside when you have your own air conditioned clubhouse, am I right? Bring your friends and family down to play a round of pool, or take advantage of the ample space to create an indoor hangout of your own. Nobody said all summer activities have to be outdoors at our apartments off West Lake Houston Parkway!


Lap Pool

Our 75′ chilled lap pool was built with days just like these in mind here at Redemption Square. Keep your body moving and active, all while staying cool and enjoying the summer heat at the same time! Whether you choose to hit the pool solo, or bring someone with you, there is no doubt you will find a cooling relief to those hot temperatures any day!


Yoga Yard

Stay active and enjoy the outdoors at our apartments in northeast Houston, but do it without feeling like you need to push your body past its limits, especially in heat like this! Whether you choose to visit our yoga yard in the cooler mornings or evenings, or decide to create your own “hot yoga” during the day, finding a way to relax your body while also keeping it active is sure to help you combat the heat waves. Just don’t forget to hydrate!


Ground Floor Restaurants and Shops

Don’t want to bother with getting out in the heat, but still feel like going to lunch or taking a shopping trip? Look no further than the ground level of our properties. Enjoy all of the cool air, cool drinks, and cool people that Redemption Square has to offer as you enjoy your day and get out of the house – but without going too far!


Dog Parks

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean your furry friends don’t still need to spend time outside and get that energy out. While it’s important to keep an eye on your pups in the heat, visiting the dog park at our West Lake Houston apartments and allowing them to get their energy out at their own pace is a much safer alternative to taking them on walks, especially when the asphalt is so hot it can burn their paw pads. Even if you don’t stay for long, just a little exercise for them (and you!) is better than none at all. 


Which summer activity are you going to try first here at 255 Assay? If you found this post helpful and you’d like to keep hearing all our tips and recommendations, you can bookmark our blog page for easy access to all our upcoming blogs. If you don’t want to miss out on community events, updates, or special promotions at our apartments off West Lake Houston Parkway, follow us on Instagram!