Easiest Thanksgiving Desserts To Make At Your Apartment in Northeast Houston

Easiest Thanksgiving Desserts To Make At Your Apartment in Northeast Houston

As many residents of our apartments in Northeast Houston prepare for Thanksgiving feasts, pulling off the perfect dinner with all the sides, dressings, and desserts can quickly become overwhelming. But Thanksgiving dishes don’t have to be complicated in order to be delicious! Not only is it easy to stock up on all the ingredients you need, with great grocery stores like H-E-B and Kroger just moments away from home, there are also tons of ways to make Thanksgiving classics quicker, easier, and just as delicious.


In fact, today we’re rounding up some alternatives to the classic Thanksgiving desserts that make it easier to get those delicious fall flavors without working up a sweat in the kitchen. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep dessert simple this Thanksgiving.


Fruit Galette


If you’re not familiar with the humble galette, think of it like a pie but without all the fuss. Galettes are an excellent alternative for pie-lovers who just wish their favorite dessert was a little more simple.


Made with a simple pie-like crust (but without all the measuring, cutting, or parbaking), galettes can feature just about any fruit you like, as long as it’s sliced thin. Thanksgiving favorites include apple, pear, and cranberry.


Plus, savory galettes are also delicious! Try a sweet potato galette or a mushroom and spinach galette as part of your dinner menu. It’s an unexpected addition that’s sure to be a hit.


Pumpkin Spice Cake


Mix pumpkin puree with your favorite spice cake mix (and maybe some chocolate chips) and you’ve got an easy pumpkin spice cake that’s super moist and perfect for Thanksgiving. There are plenty of these recipes online and they’re all super easy to make, so they make an ideal alternative to the classic pumpkin pie, especially if you are more of a cake person.


Pecan Upside-Down Cake


Got a bundt cake pan? If not, swing by the Marshall’s or H-E-B near our Redemption Square apartments and pick one up, because you’re going to fall in love with the easy pecan upside-down cake. All you need is your favorite cake mix (any type will do) and some pecans mixed with brown sugar, melted butter, and caking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.


Cinnamon Apple Cobbler


Another easier cousin to the pie, cobbler is an excellent choice for Thanksgiving dessert. A cinnamon apple cobbler is easy and delicious, but pear or cranberry is also a great option. Pair this with some vanilla ice cream for an irresistible combination of tart and sweet.


That’s it for our easy Thanksgiving dessert ideas! If you’d like to see any tips and recommendations from us in the future, make sure you bookmark our blog page for easy access to upcoming posts. Finally, if you don’t want to miss out on special promotions, community updates, and events at our apartments near 77044, follow us on Instagram!