Top Places to Walk Your Dog Near Our West Lake Houston Apartments

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One of the wonderful perks of living at our West Lake Houston apartments is the wealth of convenient dog walking locations within minutes or even steps of home. From on-site dog parks to Lake Houston parks and other nearby trails, you’ll never run out of great places to explore with your pup. Looking for dog walking spots to try? Here are just a few of our top picks in the Generation Park neighborhood.


The 255 Assay Dog Parks


When you’d rather stay home at our apartments near Humble, we have you covered with convenient dog parks on site. Whether your dog is big or small, you’ll find a grassy, enclosed space where they can let loose and burn off some energy. Convenient pet waste stations are provided for easy cleanup, so please do your part to help keep our parks clean for all to enjoy!


Generation Park Trails


Generation Park has a variety of parks and walking trails that are perfect for dog walking. From the grassy fields at our very own Redemption Park to the trails at West Lake Park, Sheldon Lake State Park, and Alexander Deussen Park, there’s plenty of options to explore so you and your pup never get bored.


The lakeside trails at West Lake Park are particularly convenient for dog walkers, providing scenic views, paved walking paths, and convenient parking. The walking trails at Sheldon Lake State Park are also wonderful for dog walking—just keep an eye out for wildlife like gators and snakes which can be found there! Staying on the trails is the best way to ensure your pet stays safe.


Walden Dog Park & Walking Trail


A quick drive up West Lake Houston Pkwy towards Lake Houston, you’ll find the secluded Walden Dog Park and Walking Trail. This small park contains an enclosed dog park area, playground, and short walking trails that offer a low-traffic spot that’s perfect for a quick walk with your dog. Parking in the area isn’t hard to come by, meaning you’ll be able to park close so you can get right to enjoying your walk.


That’s all of our top dog walk spots near our West Lake Houston apartments! If you’d like to see any tips and recommendations from us in the future, make sure you bookmark our blog page for easy access to upcoming posts. Finally, if you don’t want to miss out on special promotions, community updates, and events at our apartments near 77044, follow us on Instagram!