Wholesome Kitchen Near 255 Assay

Wholesome Kitchen in Houston TX

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Wholesome Kitchen
The only restaurant closer than your own gourmet kitchen is Wholesome Kitchen in Generation Park, across the street from 255 Assay. When you crave something beyond the latest Houston restaurant fad, you need Wholesome Kitchen. Here you find the perfect place for comfort food, date night, or holiday corporate parties. In their own words “Wholesome Kitchen changes with the season to provide guests with amazingly delicious food that focuses on locally sourced, sustainable and whole ingredients when available. Designed and constructed by Chef Theyen Hoang, Wholesome Kitchen offers an intimate and approachable dining experience closer to home… We feature a locally sourced à la carte menu with your new favorite dishes. Our new restaurant strives to be the best restaurant near you… We are dedicated to providing delicious food and excellent service to our guests. If you wish to make private reservations for parties and events contact us for bookings.”

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